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On this page you’ll find samples of my marketing copy listed in a variety of deliverables.

I can weave SEO keywords into your copy to raise your Google SERP results. This will increase traffic and conversions.

I can pick up any brand voice quickly. Or, I can create an original brand identity for you, based on the values you and your customers share.

What makes me so confident? Because I’ve helped many clients enhance their online presence and build lasting client-brand relationships before. Here are some examples of the successful projects I’ve done for them.

Highlights at a Glance:

LotusLive Event FlyerPalm Card for Trade Show FrontPalm Card for Trade ShowCo-Branded PostersTrade Show Give Away: Partner Exchange Network LegosLegos Design PlanStateroom Menu, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)Bedtime Gummy Fish Wrapper (NCL)Bedtime Gummy Fish (NCL)

SEO Optimized Blog Posts

3 Ways Automated Software Testing Will Help Your Product
Client: QA Source
Industry: Quality Assurance Services
SEO KWs: “Automated Software Testing”

How Office Space Affects Productivity And Employee Engagement
Client: Inproma
Product: Custom employee engagments programs
SEO KWs: “How Office Space Affects Productivity”

How to Bring Your Healthcare Branding Strategies To Life
Client: GNU Group
Industries: Environmental Graphic Design/Signage; Healthcare
SEO KWs: “Healthcare Branding Strategies”

How is a Body Prepared for Cremation? The Step-by-Step Process Explained.
Client: Tulip
Product: Cremation Services
SEO KWs: “How is a Body Prepared for Cremation”

SME Content Marketing: How to Get Experts to Write Regularly
Client: FirstPageSage
Industry: SEO & Thought Leadership Marketing
SEO KWs: “SME Content Marketing”

How To Calculate And Improve Your Customer Retention Rate
Client: Totango
Product: Customer Success Software
Audience: B2B
SEO KWs: “Improve Your Customer Retention Rate”

Corporate Blog Metrics: What Success Looks Like
Client: FirstPageSage
Industry: SEO & Thought Leadership Marketing
SEO KWs: “Corporate Blog Metrics”

Classic Shoes for Ladies (And How to Store Them)
Client: ClosetAmerica
Product: Custom Closets
SEO KWs: “Classic Shoes for Ladies
Selecting the Best Mobile POS System for Food Trucks
Client: talech
Industries: Point of Sale (POS) Software & Hardware; Retail; Restaurants; Quick Service
SEO KWs: “Best Mobile POS System for Food Trucks”

What Are the Common Signs and Symptoms of Male Menopause?
Client: BodyLogicMD
Industries: Pharma, Life Sciences, BHRT
SEO KWs: “Male Menopause”

What’s the Difference Between a Credenza, Sideboard, and Buffet?
Client: Unruh
Product: Handmade Furniture
Industry: Home Decor/Custom Retail
SEO KWs: “Difference Between a Credenza, Sideboard, and Buffet”

What are the Benefits of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)?
Client: Mission
Industries: AWS Premier Consulting Partner; Cloud Computing
SEO KWs: “Benefits of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service”

How to Find Employee Recognition Programs That Work
Client: Achievers
Industry: Employee Success Platforms
SEO KWs: “Employee Recognition Programs That Work”

The Best Way to Make a Mother’s Day Wish List
Client: Elfster Secret Santa Generator
Industry: Mobile Apps
SEO KWs: “Mother’s Day Wish List”

Drone Tools: Ensuring Proper Regulatory Compliance for Drone Manufacturers
Client: Mountz
Industry: Torque Tool Calibration
SEO KWs: “Drone Tools”

Agile Software Development When Outsourcing: Does It Matter?
Client: BairesDev
Industry: Nearshore Software Outsourcing
SEO KWs: “Agile Software Development”

What Causes a Psychotic Episode? Recognizing and Dealing With Triggers
Client: BrightQuest Treatment Centers
Product: Residential Psychiatric Treatment
Industry: Mental Health
SEO KWs: “What Causes a Psychotic Episode”

SEO Optimized Landing & Home Pages

Your First Choice in Waterproofing & Restoration
Client: Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration
Industries: Building Envelope Repair; Historic Building Restoration
Type: Home Page
SEO KWs: “Commercial Waterproofing Company in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area”
Geotargeted Area: Northern California

Keep the Water Out With The Best Joint Sealant Contractor in Northern California
Client: Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration
Industries: Building Envelope Repair; Historic Building Restoration
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Best Joint Sealant Contractor”
Geotargeted Area: Northern California
K-12 Education Staffing Agency | West Valley City, UT
Client: ESS
Industry: Education Staffing
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Best Education Staffing Agency in West Valley City”
Geotargeted Area: West Valley City
Plastic Pallet Pooling Benefits for the Produce Industry
Client: iGPS
Industries: “Smart” (IOT) Shipping Pallets; Supply Chain
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Plastic Pallet Pooling”

Business Intelligence
Client: Tek Leaders
Industries: IT Services (Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Managed Services)
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Business Intelligence”


Top 3 Most Promising South Florida Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Client: HomeVestors Franchise
Industry: Real Estate
SEO KWs: “South Florida Real Estate Investment”
Geotargeted Area: South Florida

Valley Services Electronics
Client: Valley Services Electronics
Industry: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing & Design
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Best Bay Area PCBA Electronics Company”
Geotargeted Areas: The Bay Area, Silicon Valley

What Makes Rossi Builders Stand Out
Client: Rossi Builders
Industry: Construction (Healthcare, Retail & Office Buildings)
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “San Francisco Construction Company”
Geotargeted area: San Francisco

Are You Looking for a Way to Sell Your House Quickly in Fresno?
Client: Osborne Homes
Industry: Real Estate
Type: Landing Page
SEO KWs: “Sell Your House Quickly in Fresno” & “Best Cash Home Buyer in Fresno, CA”
Geotargeted area: Fresno, CA

How to Keep Your Closet Clean: Tips for Busy DC Professionals
Client: Closet America
Type: Blog Post
SEO KWs: “How to Keep Your Closet Clean”
Geotargeted Area: The DC Area

Solution Briefs

IBM BladeCenter S
Industry: Cross-Industry

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Stadiums
Industry: Media and Entertainment
IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management
Industry: Energy and Utilities
The IBM Government Network Centric Operations Framework
Industry: Government
Branding/Professional Education Guides for Writers

BairesDev Account Brand Voice “Lucas Persona” Analysis
Client: First Page Sage
Industry: SEO Marketing
Type: Brand Analysis

Branding Teach-In & Group Discussion
Client: First Page Sage
Industry: SEO Marketing
Type: Presentation/Training Material
What is a Writer’s Relationship to Criticism and to the Editor?
Client: First Page Sage
Industry: SEO Marketing
Type: Writer Discussion Material
B2B Audiences

Creating a Successful Corporate Blog for B2B Audiences
Client: FirstPageSage
Industry: SEO & Thought Leadership Marketing
SEO KWs: “Corporate Blog”

Why Your Brand Needs an Integrated Marketing Campaign
Client: ShopKick
Industries: B2B, Mobile Apps
SEO KWs: “Integrated Marketing Campaign”
3 Common Challenges of Mobile Marketing and How to Solve Them
Client: ShopKick
Industries: B2B, Mobile Apps
SEO KWs: “Challenges of Mobile Marketing”

B2B Marketing Training

The Industry Solution Demand Program Social Media Field Guide
Audience: B2B
Type: Training Material for IBM Business Partners

Campaign Emails

Mobile Device Management Solutions from IBM
Industry: Mobile Device Security Management
Type: Campaign Email

IBM Software Subscription and Support
Industry: Cross-Industry
Type: Campaign Email
Epic Quarterly: IBM and Epic Healthcare Alliance Newsletter
Industry: Healthcare
Type: Emailed Newsletter

Smart Video Surveillance from IBM and Schneider Electric
Product: IBM Smart Surveillance System
Industry: Physical Security
Type: Video Script
Radio Commercial Script
Client: Absolute Wellness Healing Spa
Type: Radio Script

Other Web Content

Cloud 9: Future Compatible Computing in Education
Client: IBM Cloud Academy
Type: Listacle

What to Plant – Even Though It’s Already June
Part 1 | Part 2
Client: Gardener’s Supply Company
Product: Vegetable Garden Organic Seeds

IBM Smarter Banking Walking Tour Brochure
Industry: Banking & Finance