If You Need It, I Can Write It.

This page features a list of the types of deliverables I’ve written over the years.

• Marketing: SEO Copywriting & Branding
• Thought Leadership Content
• Social Media Content & Management
• PR, Ratings Management & Customer Success
• Technical Writing
• Academic Ghostwriting
• Editing
• Business Consulting
• Writer/Editor Training, Mentorship & Management

Excellent Quality, On Time

To me, no job is done until it’s done exceptionally well. This means delivering a draft that fulfills all your requirements and is ready for publication. My work meets deadlines, and I pride myself on being reliable and ready to help when you need it most. When you engage me you get the full benefit of my years of experience and endless passion for learning. You get a writer who thinks about your problems and goals, and who makes recommendations on how to be more effective.

Over the years I’ve jumped at every opportunity to write new types of deliverable. The result is that I have experience in writing a variety of deliverables for many channels, audiences, and industries.

Do you have a project that isn’t listed below? I’d love to hear about it. I can research any deliverable type and give you a draft that meets all professional standards. I hit the ground running, seek challenges, and LOVE trying something new. When you need a dynamic writer who can recommend communication strategies and adjust to hectic environments fast, I’m the one for you.

My Deliverables Include:

Web Copywriting
• SEO Keyword Copywriting & Research
• Blogs
• Landing Pages
• Scripts: Video, Radio and Podcast
• Mobile App Copy

• Thought Leadership Content
• Solution Briefs
• Case studies
• Email Campaigns
• Sales Offers
• Product Descriptions
• Brochures
• Print Ads
• Flip books
• Trade Show Collateral
• Mailers
• Palm Cards
• Headlines & Slogans
• Product Labels
• Packaging
• Menus

Social Media Content & Management
• Social Media Content
• Nurturing The Customer Relationship (Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Google Reviews)
• Conversions
• Star Ratings Management
• Social Media Strategy
• Customer Online Relationship Management
• Yelp/Google Reviews Replies and PR
• Hashtag Research

Technical Writing
• White Papers
• Data Sheets
• Training Manuals
• User Manuals
• Process Documentation
• Release Notes
• BladeSpec Documents
• Signage
• Gathering Requirements
• Version Control

Business Communications
• Letters
• Reports
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Newsletters
• HR Recruitment Posts
• Memos

• Papers: Term Papers, Research & Finals
• Capstones
• Graduate & Undergraduate

• Issue Framing
• Campaign Speeches
• Talking Points
• Press Releases
• Journalistic Articles